War & Leisure Chopped & Screwed

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We finally get a new album from Miguel that I’m sure we’ve all been waiting on. I can still remember discovering this dude back in like 2010? It was a great time in life. The sound he came with was definitely a necessity in a music game. Now we’re gonna forever be wishing he made longer albums and craving new music from him (which is smart for him). This album was short and sweet. Something you get to enjoy and then you just wait another 2-3 years for another album. Not enough to hold you over for long. It’s almost like eating on a lunchable to hold you over until dinner is ready.  It was enough for me to appreciate but not enough for me to be indulged into.  Kaleidoscope Dream was kind of the same way but I felt like there was more abstract and psychedelic tracks on that hoe that could leave me mesmerized while I’m jamming that hoe. This album? Not so much. Although Harem is a gem, I wish I would have had more tracks like it.  I feel like that’s him essentially as an artist. You can definitely hear the Prince influence throughout the album.  I wish he’d strive a little more to be as majestic as he was in his time. Not to say he would need to reincarnate Prince (like that’s really possible) but be the essence of him in his own nature.  Regardless, the catalog is still healthy and War & Leisure Chopped & Screwed deserves to exist. So here it is. Enjoy!