Views From the 6 Chopped & Screwed


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The most anticipated album of 2016 finally arrives in proper fashion.  We’ve all been wondering what type of perception would be given to us from listening to this album and I can honestly say I expected it to be how it is.  Drake really accomplished his hypothesized goal of staying appealing to his wide audience in a way that is very appropriate and smart.  I think we all like different elements of Drake but will never get just one.  40’s production is that of God’s work and I can never get enough of listening to his flips.  I will say that Drake’s bars were quite underwhelming.  That’s the one thing I will take away from the album.  A lot of times he was riding the beat but not in a fashion that spoke to me spiritually. Not how Kodak Black would (ya feel me?). It definitely sounds like 81 writers had their hand in making this production.  This is one album that requires you to be traveling for you to maximize it’s (re)play value.  So an elongated version of Views From the 6 Chopped & Screwed should take you from Houston to San Antonio all in two listens. Regardless of how you utilize this tape, just make sure you’re embracing it appropriately. This will be the easy cake tape if anything.  Nonetheless, enjoy.