Twenty88 Chopped & Screwed


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So Jhene Aiko and Big Sean linked up together to drop an EP-Length Album that is surprisingly flames.  I can honestly admit that I was completely sleep on the idea of a joint project between these two. After hearing that “I Know” song by the two, it left me with a bad taste in my mouth as to anything else these two would do together. Plus, with Jhene Aiko being a very soft and gentle-styled artist and Big Sean being very abrasive and hard-rapping, I didn’t know how they would manage to mesh.  What’s impressive is that they did a really really good job by staying true to themselves as artists and put out a bunch of flames.  The tape is naturally overpowered by the Big Sean but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a bad thing nor does it mean that there wasn’t any level of balance. There’s enough Jhene and Sean throughout the tape. This is a better mesh up than Kanye/Jay-Z or Drake/Future to be honest so I wouldn’t be surprised if a trend of male/female duo albums start becoming a thing again. I still wish we would have been blessed with an Avant/KeKe Wyatt album but a man can only see that in his dreams. Nonetheless, the Twenty88 Chopped & Screwed version should elongate this very short album to help extend it’s dopeness. I’m still confused on if these two as a duo are called Twenty88 or what that even means but I mean, ok. Enjoy the chops!