True to Self Chopped & Screwed

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We’ve all been anticipating the sophomore album from the young swooner.  What seemed like a year long hiatus actually ended up coming faster than anticipated. Now we’re here with 19 tracks on what seems like to me is an album of insight.  I think we can all pick up by now how much discretion and privacy means to Bryson.  On this album, he actually opens up about some of the personal adversities he deals with on a regular.  The whole situation with his baby mama’s brother is a wild one.  Haters is expected. Then you add in the “I’m still the best nigga you’ve ever encountered” tracks alongside the “that’s you now? wwwwoooooowwww,” tracks and this is the album.  I believe Bryson’s beat selection will never be something you need to worry about.  That’s a majority of why the formula of his music works as well as it does.  I do believe his debut release had some more potent tracks.  It could be the fact that T R A P S O U L was a shorter LP. I wasn’t a big fan of how long this tape was.  I’m sure his fanbase wasn’t trippin though. All in all, it’s a solid tape. No real sophomore slump but there wasn’t any progression either. Moreso of a plateau. I think there’s another level he can take his music to if he desired.  This is also the same way I feel about Chris Brown who really hasn’t taken made a truly vulnerable and compelling R&B album that would be something along the likes of “Confessions”.  I do believe that female R&B artists are really good at this. You can take a listen to CTRL, Lemonade and A Seat at the Table and see that women are putting it all out there and creating masterpieces in the process.  I primarily blame it on the egotistical nature of music by black men. I don’t think you can truly tap into your artistry without exposing yourself entirely.  That’s another theory for another day though. Enjoy True to Self Chopped & Screwed.