Trip Chopped & Screwed

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I was harsh on Jhene Aiko in my former life. When she first came out with Sailing Souls, I was quick to call her music “thot music” which resulted in me being blocked by her on Twitter. Six years later and we get a very insightful and potent project from the singer that’s indeed a musical vacation of it’s own.  It’s that airy and dreamy sound that she’s grown into and matured into it’s own.  The tape was definitely out of nowhere and came with it’s own frequency that’s compelling.  Now I’m not gonna act like I don’t enjoy Jhene Aiko’s music because I do. Maybe I was dry hating? You could say that.  I just never been a fan of female artists talkmbout how niggas be having bitches and playing games and this and that but then follow up with a “im gonna hold you down and be that bitch for you” track right after. It’s just like…ok. You gone complain and still love me? bet. Nonetheless, I’m sure a lot of women who can relate to either emotion can have reason to enjoy her music. and that’s what really matters at the end of the day.  Sonically though, this is her best project imo.  Y’all better appreciate this chop because this hoe literally took me helllaaaa long to finish.  I’m not finna be like Trump and ask for “thank you’s” though. Just listen and share if you appreciate Trip Chopped & Screwed and I’ll love you forever.