Tremaine Chopped & Screwed

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If I can say anything about Trey Songz at this point is that he remains consistent in his lane. It’s almost incredible how he remains a transparent entity in this bachelor lifestyle that he lives.  We’re really getting a glimpse of who Trey Songz is as a person and a musician and how both world clash in a very honest manner.  It’s almost like he’s stuck in a world of everlasting pussy.  Is that truly something any man wants? Imagine you can’t embrace an unconditional love with one person because your dick can’t stay in one place. Not only that, it’s never going to end! How much physical enjoyment can you get before you receive fulfillment from a person? I feel like the experiences of relationships are about to make a huge shift in the internet age.  The access to people has changed to where you can really pull up your phone and set you up anything you want with whatever woman that’s available. How do you commit to one woman while having access to probably hundreds at a time? Can you blame a man for embellishing in a reality that is rare and desired by many? That’s always an interesting perspective to look through and we get a chance to do so when Trey Songz makes an album.  So thing of all these thoughts and concepts intensified over chops. It’s beautiful. So enjoy Tremaine Chopped & Screwed and the lifestyle that comes with it.