I Told You Chopped & Screwed


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So here’s the nigga that jocked my name hard and now I have the current issue of thinking people are addressing me when they really aren’t. The talk of the town has been Tory Lanez for more than one reason.  One of the reasons could be that all the hoes are jamming his music. Another could be that a lot of his music and melodies has been flipped from a majority of recognizable songs from our past (which is a big no-no to a lot of people).  Another reason could be due to his current rise in Torontian music which automatically brings forth the competitive nature of him vs. Drake. Whatever the reason may be, you niggas are talking and the buzz is there.  Now I remember Tory Songz when he was just dropping song after song after song and them hoes was trash.  I was getting frustrated cuz once again, I’m seeing a nigga wearing my name this entire time and being like “man who is this dude?!” Like all things that get worked on over time, he gradually brought himself into a place to where now he can make hits on a dime.  Tory is still a young cat with a lot of room to grow. I could only imagine what’s going to begin to happen when he gets to link with a Mike Will or Metro Boomin real soon. Dude is actually a songwriter as well so that could only lead to some brilliant compositions in the future.  Everything is looking up for the dude after this tape dropped.  I can only wish better things to come from this guy.  The Rap-Singing Hybrid artist can really only get in his own way from this point forward.  Jam this hoe. I had to take out all the skits because, nah.  I believe that this album would have been better without the skits but I understand the purpose of them.  He pulled a “Good Kid M.A.A.D. City” move to explain his story how he felt he needed to.  So enjoy these I Told You Chopped & Screwed vibes for ya boy.