Thinking Out Loud Chopped & Screwed

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Wass good world? I’m back at it again with the tapes! Sorry it took a minute. I literally have too much material that I had to get organized and put together so that I could give it all to you guys at an appropriate pace.  I even got a marketing team now that’s going to help me push these tapes out.  So yay! Now we have Thinking Out Loud Chopped & Screwed. I am definitely a big Dolph fan. He’s not the greatest rapper in the world but I can appreciate his hardness (pause). It’s something about him yelling on tracks that just get me lit.  I honestly think in this day and age…the listener has to be able to feel you and can recognize your genuine nature when hopping on a track in order for it to be felt. I feel Dolph when I listen to him.  He’s always saying some real shit and picks out excellent beats in the process. This tape is dope. I just need more tracks.  I can appreciate the teaster 10-track tapes that artists put out because it leaves you wanting more (when it’s actually good).  So enjoy these chops. Be ready for more. Be expecting some different types of tapes from me in the future and enjoy the rest of