The Love Tape

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Today is a beautiful day for love! Niggas out here all butt hurt behind the holiday due to lack of but there’s never a reason to not be about love.  So I’m just trying to do my part to give to the holiday the best way I know how.  I will say that this idea was sparked behind the homie Chinedu who wanted to make a special mixtape for his girl for Valentine. Boys tried to style it up for her and out came this result. A blend of tracks that mean something to his girl with songs that mean something to me (sonically lol). It’s real lovey. Real romantic. Real serene. Allat. So check it out and let the feelings and vibes take over your life.

Be about more love like Khaled say. Y’all could receive a lot more of it if you weren’t closing yourself off from it and not providing it at a capacity that’s comfortable for you.  Love flows through giving and receiving. If you’re not giving…it cuts off the flow. Not you not getting nothing as a result. So the longer you stay cut off from giving, the longer you go without receiving. Make sense? Just some free game I wanna give all the valentines-less folks so that around this time next year, you won’t have to be in the same place if you’ve been practicing love in an appropriate manner. I’m not too sure how much of a run-on sentence that might have been but we are gonna keep it trucking like nobody seen that.

THIS IS NOT A CHOPPED AND SCREWED TAPE so don’t ask me if it is. I’m pretty sure a lot of you blacks aren’t going to read this anyway, so be prepared to get ignored if you do inquire. Love you guys. Thanks for listening!