The Grooves

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Happy thanksgiving listeners! I figured it would be a great idea to drop a mix that you could play around your family for Thanksgiving. So this is that. Plus, I need to build my repertoire of mixes via soundcloud so that you guys can use me on another source off of my website. The goal eventually is to get a fully functional website that allows music streaming of some sort.  As the music game elevates, so does the DJ and his approach to getting you guys mixes.  This is a real soulful mixtape.  One for any family to enjoy really.  Unless you got some kinda hatred towards classic songs from the 70’s/80’s.  Please, listeners, if you want to show appreciation for my mix, just simply make me a to-go plate before you leave your designated eating spot.  I don’t eat Yams (sue me), any kinda pie outside of sweet potatoe (i know, backwards), or green bean casserole.  Anything else, be sure to fill it up on my plate.  I’ll be doing rounds after I visit my folks to pick up all plates that are set aside for me. I thank you in advance. I hope you enjoy The Grooves along with your Thanksgiving.