Soul Food

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For those of you who are not in the spirit of SXSW this year, I still have music to give you to enjoy. I’m trying to be more open minded and work on projects outside of my morn to stay diversified and along came this tape. I connected with my homegirl Shaylin (IG/Twitter) from UH. She pretty much curated the list and needed to help put it together. So we just found a vibe and worked it all the way out.  It turned into a very easy going listen would be appropriate for a lot of settings. It’s a lot of hidden gems that she found that I wasn’t even really too familiar with. I think that’s the dope thing about linking with people to work on projects. You can always get something more from an idea when you have more than one perspective being brought to it.  What can be annoying at times is when people assume that as a DJ, I know about every song out and every song that’s ever been out. No. That will never be the case. My journey for finding quality music is a never-ending one.  So when I meet people that have a good ear for music and can put me on things I’ve never heard, I’m elated beyond the usual.  Hopefully you guys will enjoy the gems on this tape. It’s all good like Soul Food.