Soul Chops (Winter ’17)

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Ok sooooo I was supposed to upload this yesterday but I have a great excuse for all of this. So my birthday in on the 19th and I went shopping YESTERDAY for some last minute attire for my trip (I’m headed to LA). A nigga got some looks but that’s besides the point. So I was out all day yesterday until like maybe an hour before my gig. I took a quick lil nap and headed to work from 9pm-12am. I thought after my first gig at Live Oak was done…I would be able to go back home and pack and be ready to go. The plan was to go to my mama’s so that I could drop off my car and she could take me to the airport before she went to church.


I got an inquiry literally 5 minutes before my set was done to go DJ at Engine Room that night.  In my mind, I just thought “hey…this could just be some extra money for my trip” so I was like fugget. Did that hoe. Rocked it. Afterwards, I got back home at like 2:30am. Packed all my stuff til bout 4am. My mom wanted me to be at her spot at like 6am or whatever so by that time I was just like it makes no sense to take a nap. I’d probably miss my flight doing that. So I’ve been up since yesterday. Straight. I’m still up. I haven’t been to sleep. I’m actually in the airport now uploading this mixtape on their internet. I’m surprised it’s so strong and fast (pause).

So this is the last of the seasonal trilogy. This one is usually my favorite because it has a collection of majestic and whimsical chops.  Some of those very intense and emotional chops that resonate in you in a more profound way. I love them. I have some previous Soul Chops on here. I figured I’d try to do this one seasonally as well seeing that people loved the other ones.  So enjoy this please while I try to enjoy my vacation. Ciao!