Since You Playin’ Chopped & Screwed

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Happy new Year Listeners (even though I’m a couple weeks late)! This is the 1st tape I’m dropping in this year of 2017. Why so late you ask? Well…long story short my hard drive crashed on me randomly. When I say random, I mean that in the most purest form of the definition. I was literally using my macbook how I would any other day in my life and it all froze on me and never booted back up. I tried to get it repaired but they were quoting me for $1500 for that sooooo I spent most of the month recovering files and downloading old ones to give my computer new life.  So here we are after giving my computer a brain transplant with a new tape and a series of more to come. I have a lot of new ideas for this year and hopefully I’ll have enough time to execute as much as possible.  I really want to diverse my website with more than just chopped & screwed tapes but those are often the most time-effecient tapes I can put on my site. This is also a free hobby (as of now) so I have to prioritize what pays the bills. Damn…this hoe turned into an open vent and I never really said anything about the tape. Jacquees…I don’t know if many of you are still sleep on him as an artist or not but he’s dope.  He has the epitome of an R&B voice and uses it to the maximum over some playa ass beats. Signed up Baby with Cash Money. Dude is only 22 (with no kids) so that just shows you where his potential lies. Give this some run in the bedroom if you know what’s good for you.  Definitely something for the sex. Since You Playing Chopped & Screwed is a thumper. Enjoy all of this.