Share My World Chopped & Screwed

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My previous chop of Chris Brown’s First album finally inspired me to continue to go back in time and pull albums out that I’ve always wanted to chop. This has been on the list since I’ve gotten started.  I’ve always wanted to wait until I was really comfortable in my world of chopping (since I’ve only been doing this for about 3 years now) to finally tackle this album.  This album is literally my childhood. My mom left this CD in her car for like 6 years straight and never took it out.  I know it front and back. The main reason why I even wanted to chop this album is for my mom. I don’t even think she really understands what it is I am doing with these albums or website or anything to be honest.  So I figured I’d start with introducing her to chopped & screwed music via her favorite album.  My mama loves her some Mary J. Blige.  I think Mary J. Blige inspired where my love for heartfelt R&B came from.  I’d be in the backseat going through emotions I’ve never experienced while listening to this album.  It’s just a classic to me and one of those albums that solidified Mary J. Blige as a legend.  This is how I wish music felt today.  Nothing is as compelling as 90’s R&B music is.  That’s why I am glad that I have the ability to still chop in the manner that I do with old albums and it still sounds as good as any recent album I chop as well.  That’s the beauty of what DJ Screw created is that it’s everlasting and can continue on for generations to come. So enjoy Share My World Chopped & Screwed should be in your forever runs when it comes to music. Hope you enjoy it mom.