Sex Chops [Winter ’17]

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I’m not gone lie…the more I have to discuss the sexual tapes that I create…the more pervish I feel. Trust me, I definitely indulge in the sound and realm. It’s a very enjoyable energy to be in. I just don’t want people thinking I’m some dominatrix ass nigga that pulls these tapes out and have all my hoes lined up an wrapped up in my room nshit. I promise I’m not that freaked out.  BUT. Music will always be sexual in deep ways. So where there is a world of freaky music, there will be a DJ AudiTory chopping them hoes.  Sex Chops is just a collection of songs I chopped over time and recently that just put you and keep you in the mood.  I’m not eem gone lie…you not finna make it through this one in one round. I promise you gonna have to go take a break and grab a bottled water while this hoe still running.  If you can, then you’re just the same little nasty freak that I’m sure people would assume me to be from all the freak nasty tapes I got.  Nonetheless, play this around someone you already got it set up with. Don’t be no creep ass nigga and try to play this around a chick you 1st kicking it off with.  Unless she’s a jump off and you and her both know what it is. Then by all means, run that hoe.