Sept. 5th Chopped & Screwed


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So here’s a new person to vibe out to that I recently caught on to.  I’m not even really sure how to pronounce a name with no vowels but I’m assuming it’s “Division” seeing that the division symbol is represented a plethora of times. Either way, this dude is fresh. I was originally put on to the In Too Deep track by  810Dre and after that, it sounded pretty mandatory for me to chop this tape. It’s a pretty sensual and smooth tape. Something you can chill with the boo thang and just get cuddled up to or something along the lines of that.  I enjoy jamming this tape and I’m pretty sure women everywhere will cling on to this just like did with Bryson.  I think he’s signed under OVO as well so it only makes sense. R&B is making a strong uprising in this world derived from hardcore heartless hip-hop that the younger generationi jammed in the Early 2000s. I think that caused this emergence of R&B music to be so in high demand right now due to the fact that people miss listening to music that captivated your emotions. Nonetheless, Enjoy Sept. 5th Chopped & Screwed.