Savage Mode Chopped & Screwed


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New to the collection is Savage Mode Chopped & Screwed. I will admit, I was not really on 21 Savage that much when he first started making his rise into the game.  He was just another young nigga out here rapping bout hoes, drugs and shooting but I mean…when you put some Metro Boomin’ production behind it, the shit goes hard. I mean honestly, if you can ride a beat properly and the beat is live, you good money.  There’s really not much else you need to be able to do in current day’s rap society. AND THAT’S OKAY.  I mean honestly, this is what the kids enjoy now-a-days. What’s popular right now in today’s society of hip-hop is determined a majority of the time by the youth.  This doesn’t mean that their taste in hip-hop can’t coexist with yours. Eventually the things that people of my generation grew up to love and adore about hip-hop won’t be the hierarchy of determining who is “hot” right now.  You still can jam the shit though.  I really wish people could grasp that perspective and just try to enjoy all music for what it is.  It all doesn’t need to be poetic with triple entendres and shit.  Some of it just needs to thump and get you hype.  So I mean…relax on the little kids and let them enjoy their type of music.  You can still be the credible avid hip-hop fan that you are while attempting to listen to someone else’s style of music.  I promise. No one will revoke you of your “I jam all the best hip-hop” badge.