Rather You Than Me Chopped & Screwed

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It was mentioned to me by one of my listeners that this was the first full length album that I’ve chopped by Rick Ross. and I don’t think it is. I feel like I’ve done a couple of them actually. I literally just scrolled through my website and seen not one other Rick Ross album chopped. So I apologize. I don’t know why I’ve skipped over Ross but that’s on me. Either way, I felt like this one was necessary off the respect. Ross will remain everlasting in the rap game as long as his beat selections stays as eloquent and immaculate as it has been over the years.  I can appreciate his music making formula a lot.  He never needs to step out of his own in order to make his music sound rich and luxurious.  I just appreciate this album a lot from a hip-hop standpoint.  It provided all the imagery I need when I listen to albums.  It was Drama. Frustration. Excellence. Decadence. Okay I’m being extra now but you feel what I’m saying.  This is just a dope album to listen to and I hope you guys enjoy the chops as well.