Rest in Prince

  1. RIPrince



So I was in agonizing pain from leg day two days ago while ducking from the water rapids were taking over the city streets out here in Houston.  I was in no way inspired to do anything for the day.  To make matters worse, I’m scrolling my timeline to see that a beloved icon in music had been taken from us.  This was unfathomable to me simply because I thought he was an immortal being.  I mean seriously, what artist you know can claim rights to 70+ albums while being able to whoop your ass in basketball and throw immaculate shade all in the same day? He was always an unicorn of an artist due to his ability to play every instrument, go decades with innovating his own style and staying true to his uninhibited being.  He gave us days worth of music to enjoy and will probably live on longer through his music for generations to come.  Prince’s death was truly unforeseen by us all but isn’t that how death happens most of the time? Will we every truly be ready for the greats that came before us to finally take their exit off of this Earth?

Nontheless, I thought it would be appropriate to make a mix that focuses on his legacy and travels through all the signature songs that defined him as an artist. So please enjoy this and remember who Prince was for you.  I know a lot of people loved Prince. I really enjoy him for his personality.  I love how uppity he is towards himself and how he recognizes himself as the amazing person that he is.  That level of confidence and self-embrace is one that is very iconic and influential.  His smartassness was unparalleled and something that I can say I idol.  He was always very mysterious in nature and divine in his mannerisms.  Funny ass nigga too.  There’s just a lot of love about the dude.  Let’s not forget the immaculate catalog he left behind for us to enjoy forever.  So enjoy Rest in Peace and don’t be sad for his life being gone. Let’s celebrate the gift of music he left behind for us all.