Punken Chopped & Screwed

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We have another Houston native with some heat that dropped. Maxo Kream is one of the most popular rappers coming out of Houston currently.  His ability to paint you a rhythmic picture of his life has been his bread and butter throughout his career.  Most rappers now-a-days live a facade of the trap life in their music and it’s very evident. We as listeners can tell when that shit is fraud as fuck.  The one thing about Maxo, however, is that there’s nothing fraud about what this man is living.  I remember peeping the news talking about how his shit got stung not too long ago and my initial thought being “damn this nigga is not lying on his songs,”. The only way to really paint pictures for people is to be able to see it for yourself and present to the world.  That’s the world we dive into when jamming tapes like Punken.  It puts me in the mood to slang dope and stack my fingers even though that’s not a life that I truly live.  That’s the neat thing about it though.  You don’t know it personally but the essence of it is vibrant when you jam music that compliments a particular reality.  Not all of it is about killing, robbing and slanging.  There are parts of it that I actually can relate to in regards to a lot of nostalgic mentions of things that I also endured as a kid.  It’s interesting to know that even with two different upbringings in life that two people can have a lot of similar experiences regardless.  Especially in Houston.  I grew up on the nawf. Maxo on the South. Yet there are things we both can say we experienced growing up that shaped up to be who we are today.  Just something I thought about.  Anywho. Bump this Punken Chopped & Screwed and enjoy yourself.