Project E.T. Chopped & Screwed


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First things first, I would like to apologize for my procrastination with making this tape. I ended up being more busy this weekend than anticipated and it took me longer than expected to finish this tape.  I was gonna be lazy and just wait until the 4th of July to drop it (since I have to head out of town to DJ) but I figured I can just drop it today so that you can have all weekend to enjoy it.  So if I sell you a wolf next time I tell you I’m gonna drop a tape, just charge it to the game and not my heart. It’s just the lifestyle that’s picking up.

I will say that this tape definitely surprised me as far as 2016 Future tapes go.  His 1st two releases this year were pretty lackluster in terms of expectancy.  I really think the key element to Future’s success is the involvement of DJ Esco in song selection and just making sure the energy is right for his tapes.  The dude is pure energy if you’re ever got a chance to experience him in person.

I think the world is a lot better place when Future has some heat out.  Although there is a lot of Future on this tape, I think Esco might be heading in the direction of becoming his own Khaled with the shits (which would be dope). I can pretend to be this thugged out drugged out lunatic while I smoke my one blunt and drink on a styrofoamed Henn and Coke.  When I heard this tape, I automatically thought “yeahhhh I gotta chop this.”  It’s dope. It’s summery. It’s exactly what needed to drop.  I don’t even think enough people are on this tape to be honest.  So hopefully this drop will expose the ignorance and put people on game on what they should be jamming this summer sixteen. Take a road trip and let this run.  You’ll be glad you did. Project E.T. Chopped & Screwed is a-go!