Pretty Girls Like Trap Music Chopped & Screwed

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Sir Tity Boi is bringing the heat in a way that you wouldn’t expect most (nearly) 40-year-old rappers to do it. I always compare Rap careers to Football careers. Very few players get to see longevity while heading into their 40s. Most rappers don’t either. 2 Chainz has defied it all by coming with what I consider to be his hardest project to date. Which is why I felt a need to chop it.  I’ve always been a 2 Chainz fan for as long as I’ve known. I knew he was unique after hearing his verse on “Duffle Bag Boy”. I didn’t, however, think that he would be this massive of a force in the rap game for as long as he’s been and it’s truly nice to see.  My only concern moving forward is to see how 40 year old Chainz is gonna end up being.  We could end up getting a retirement album when he hits half a century. Who knows. All I know is that 2 Chainz has been climbing since he hopped in the game and hasn’t let up on anyone.  Pretty Girls Like Trap Music Chopped & Screwed will prove to be a trunk-shaker once you adjust your stock settings in your car to have your bass on +12. Something to definitely enjoy over the summer. Be careful, this tape might knock some pictures off ya wall.