The Persona Tape Chopped & Screwed


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man man man. Maxo has been coming with the heat seriously since he dropped Quiccstrikes in 2013. This is definitely one of the tapes that really sound dope and have that southern Houston feel that’s needed in the game.  What’s crazy is that I remember the days when Maxo Kream was posted on TSU campus with Ryan Grant rockin’ La Vita at performances nshit. To see him now shooting Friday-themed music videos and getting love nationally, that’s dope and probably inspiring for a lot of Houstonian rappers. To be honest, I feel like him and WhyJae got next out of Houston.  They’ve been building for the longest out here and it’s dope to see them really moving up on the ladder in the music game.  It’s really only a matter of time and relationships before Maxo Kream gets placed on the same caliber as 21 Savage, Lil Uzi Vert and all them niggas.  Hopefully this opens up the market for future artists out here to get some looks and move more people up out this hoe and on to the main stage of the music game.  Houston is very proud of this tape and everybody recognizes how hard it knocks.  That “Comin Dine” is literally Houston in one track. That’s the sound that I would love to hear be revitalized and modernized into today’s music. Regardless, jam this Persona Tape Chopped & Screwed and listen to it how it should be jammed.