PARTYNEXTDOOR 3 Chopped & Screwed


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So in the midst of all these spectacular August album releases, we have PartyNextDoor stepping in and establishing himself for the upcoming cuffing season. In the age of very emotional Canadian music, PartyNextDoor has been one of the few that has stepped to the forefront as one of the key sounds out the 6 with the likes of Drake, Tory Lanez and The Weeknd. I can honestly say that I enjoy him as an artist and one who stays true to himself.  This album was a little lackluster to me but I still appreciate what it does for music in general.  Compared to all the other releases, this isn’t the one that appeals to me as much.  I think this is a tape for his core audience of lusty young women.  It’s something they can run over and over and fall in love with the sweet nothings that Party will run through her ear. Which is cool. Can’t knock the hustle. It still jams sonically though. and the chops on this hoe are dope as well.  So enjoy PARTYNEXTDOOR 3 Chopped & Screwed for me and pass it to your fine female friends.