The Pandemonium 5 Mixtape

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SFA Mix (by DJ AudiTory):



SHSU Mix (by DJ Eddy Blendzz):



So back when I 1st started DJing, this was one of the 1st big events that I headlined. Never did I ever think that this same party would continue on and still be here 5 years later.  If you don’t know anything about SFA, that is a pure party and turn-up school. There really isn’t much else to do out there BUT turn up on boys. This year, however, the party will be hosted in my hometown of Houston, TX.  This is dope to me because finally, I don’t have to take my ass 3 hours up north to turn up the same crowd. I can pull up on 59 and get my fix just fine. Nonetheless, we’ve created a mixtape to compliment the event. Lots of new music and dope shit to jam courtesy of myself and my patna, DJ Eddy Blendzz. We went ahead and dedicated a mix to each school so we could see who would be turning up the most to their mix.  It really doesn’t even matter which one you choose because both go hard.  I put on for SFA and Eddy represented his alma mater of SHSU in respectable fashion.  So go ahead and run these mixes as you prepare for the big ass party on October 1st.  Who’s gonna show ass the most: Sam Houston St. or Stephen F. Austin?