Painting Pictures Chopped & Screwed

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Sorry for not having this posted when I said that I was going to post it.  I picked up a last minute gig and it through off my timing for everything. Plus I’m the world’s best procrastinator so a lot of times I’m finishing up tapes that I didn’t complete AT THE VERY LAST MINUTE.


WE LIVE, BABY! YEAAH! Painting Pictures Chopped & Screwed is actually here now. I knew culturally I would need to do this tape before it even dropped.  Kodak just one of them niggas people like.  To me, he’s the reincarnation of Boosie in more than one way.  Outside of the complexion and boosie fades, they both have that gritty liveness to them that people feel when they hear their music.  Plus, I wouldn’t just jam this tape all the way through all the time (due to the gloominess and off beat rhyming that I absolutely despise) but I thoroughly enjoy his singles…just like Boosie.  There are a couple jammers on this hoe. The Houston in me can appreciate Bun being on Candy Paint (and the song itself).  That was actually one of the best Post-UGK verses I’ve heard from Bun- B in a while.  Only complaint I have about it is that it’s way too long.  Other than that, it’s something to enjoy.  So enjoy the chops.