Nu Religion Hyena Chopped & Screwed

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I naturally keep thinking “Tru Religion” every time I read this title. Anyway, I won’t be too mad at you if you aren’t hip to this group.  They are very lowkey but getting up there in the world. The first time I heard of this group, I seen that they were on that TRAPSOUL tour with Bryson Tiller. I had checked out some of their music on soundcloud and thought it was neat but I was waiting on a full project for me to really get into. This was that project for me.  This is very much it’s own sound in the way that I believe they aspired for. I remember reading something on this group and how they use hyenas as symbolism to represent their uniqueness and fierceness or something of that manner. You can see how that is represented in the way the music is created. It’s like Raury mixed with Bryson Tiller on some shit. I know that’s a weird analogy but you have to hear it to understand.  I like it a lot. I feel like this group will take off eventually once enough tracks get picked up and people really have a catalog to go into. I say check it out if you haven’t already. The chops for it are cold naturally. The one thing I did enjoy about this album was how the time signature was usually in 3/4 or 6/8. I love when music is made in those time signatures. The swing of the tracks give a groove that will always be unique and enjoyable. Nu Religion Hyena Chopped & Screwed might end up being my own special gem if slept on. So don’t.