No, My Name is Jeffery Chopped & Screwed


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To those who were looking for the tape last week and didn’t get the chance to hear it, my apologies. Life has really picked up in other areas that leave me no able to really stick to the schedule I try to set for making these tapes.  I’m trying, y’all. I really am. I’m just truly at the depths of my heart, a lazy person with a bunch of a responsibilities that I try to keep to. Nonetheless, The artist formally known as Young Thug bring us more music. We all know Sir Jeffery is a character of sorts but this tape is definitely left field when it comes to its composition. I honestly think this is a live ass comical album.  From the cover art, to the track names to the voices used, it’s all just a funny ass album over live ass production.  This is why I believe that production with always supersede lyrical content.  It is the heart of the beat that will move you regardless of the lyrical message.  In the big scheme of things, an artist rapping is literally one instrument or melody in the orchestral nature of the entire song.  The rapping is just one element in the dimension of the song.  So, we can get albums like this where Thug says whatever his heart desires regardless of how unorthodox it may come off, and you’ll still jam it.  This is just the nature of hip hop music now-a-days. This is just an observation I’ve made though. The shit still goes hard regardless. Please enjoy No, My name is Jeffery Chopped & Screwed until your heart can’t handle it no more. RIP Harambe.