More Life Chopped & Screwed

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The long awaited chops for More Life are now here. I honestly waited to chop this because it was an overwhelming amount of music on this playlist to have to listen to and get familiar with. on top of the fact that there was other music that’s been released that I’ve been listening to, it was hard to prioritize Drake’s newest release. I will say that this was a way better release of music than Views was. I was not a big fan of Views at all. Even chopping it was kind of a drag. This definitely helped me get over Views. To me, this genuinely sounds like a project Drake put together while going on his world tour and playing with influential sounds heard from around the world. It makes sense because as soon as I heard British rap and H&M music on this hoe, I was like “oh ok. I get it,”.  Which makes sense for him to call it a playlist because it’s really just him playing around with all types of music and things of that nature. Please stop trying to treat this like album and just appreciate Drake exploring different sounds. The world isn’t limited to just what Americans like. We have to understand that this dude is on another level and wants to appeal to the masses.  I know niggas in the UK are losing their shit because of Giggs being featured all over this hoe. Meanwhile, boys in the states talkmbout “man get that friendly british rap shit off the album.” Although it is funny, peep the bigger picture.  Now Drake has more overseas love from giving it to them. Just something to peep. Outside of all that, More Life Chopped & Screwed will be sure to be something you definitely enjoy over time. Makes a lot of songs a lot more drawn out and everlasting. May this tape be a blessing to those who hear it.