To the listeners of

wass good my people?

Man. This is my first time ever doing a formal post on my site. I feel like I don’t talk enough to you guys or let you know what’s going on so…here it is.

Ok so I started this website some years ago. I just wanted a place to host some of the tapes I had and become a fake professional DJ.  That was back in late 2013. 4 years later,  I’m approaching 500,000 views on my site.  This is also all organic numbers because I’ve been too broke to invest in marketing for my site.  I’m really proud of that. I also know that my site sucks ass too.  It’s hard to listen to tapes straight through. Hard to listen and search at the same time.  I know this. I’ve been listening to you guys and keeping it all in mind.  I’ve also still been broke.  Things are getting a lot better for me now. Financially as well as creatively.  So I’m going to be investing in making this site a lot easier to function through.  I’m also going to make more mixes that are more than just chopped & screwed stuff.  I know those tapes are desired and will continue to be made…there’s just more I can do as well. I’ve spent the last month working on a bunch of conceptual regular speed mixtapes to bring more light to music that doesn’t typically get the notoriety it deserves.  I also just have random ideas that I don’t typically have enough time to create.   I’m also gonna try this Soundcloud thing one more time.  Apparently, you can add mixes as a DJ so I’m going to continue to do that. The second they kick me off that hoe, I’m done.  It’s becoming a nuisance that the creative nature of what I can do as a DJ is deemed “illegal”.  As a result of trying to do Soundcloud, expect a lot more one-track hour mixes from here on out.  I’ll still do my chopped & screwed tapes with the multi-track playlists.  Until I update this site though, we’ll just make it work for what we can. I’m working towards getting my tapes put on streaming services but that’s a whole battle in itself.  I love chopping tapes but I’m not trying got get sued for the shit.  If anybody has any insight on making this a real thing, it would be appreciated.  Until then, I’ll be hosting them from my site.

I have other ideas and projects in the works. I’m just doing what I can do now to put in positions to create more opportunities for myself and do more for the listeners.  I really appreciate you all for encouraging me to continue creating my tapes and proceed to reach for the stars in my career.  I’m real appreciative to be where I am in my life and even in the space that I am in.  There’s more to be done and more to create. I love you all. Thank you so much for being apart of this experience willingly.

Much Love,

DJ AudiTory. aka Mr. Sexy Drawls.