Lemonade Chopped & Screwed


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Mrs. Carter is back at it again with another new album that I felt obligated to chop.  I never get tired of the idea of Beyonce being from Houston. I had a HUUUUUGE response from the #BeyHive when I did the Beyonce Chopped & Screwed version.  One bigger than I anticipated. I never knew how serious that community of people really were about Beyonce but it’s really a real thing. I’m just glad people enjoyed the music and appreciated it for what it was and I’m hoping it’s the same thing for this Lemonade album.

The potency and liberation of this album is definitely one that kind of shocked me.  She really did a great job at speaking from the hearts of a lot of women who are dealing with relationship issues.  Beyonce using her platform to really publicize these hidden realities that women endure in relationships and the type of emotions that they go through.  Her musicality has transcended her previous “pop” days and now she has more of a multi-faceted sound that can be appealing to a lot of ears.  I can’t knock her for being the global star that she is.

I do enjoy this album but I don’t think it’s as dope as her self-titled album.   That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this one though.  I know this is like the break-up and recover album for women now and that doesn’t resonate within me, therefore I just can’t get into it as much.  The chops are cold though so enjoy Lemonade Chopped & Screwed to intensify those deep emotions.