The Hurricane Harvey Storm Buddy Mixtape

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So if you’re read my previous post, you’ll know I’m doing things a little different on my site. I really want to get my mixes going on Soundcloud but you know how that shit goes.  I’m going to be playing with the site and figuring out ways I can get this to work in my favor.  Don’t be mad at me if it randomly disappears. You can always download it if you miss it.



For those who don’t pay attention to hurricanes (since you don’t have to), we’re going through one this weekend in Texas. By the name of Harvey. Like Steve. This hoe was hyped up to scare folks into buying shit they really don’t need. So I’m just taking this time to be productive and make things I know people want during this time. Like sexual influence while being in close proximity with a significant other.  It’s a bunch of sexual and intense music that meshes well with your soul.  I really love how this mix came together and I hope you will too. If one person makes a hurricane baby to this tape then my purpose will have been served. That’s all I need to validate the potency of this project.  I’m breaking a couple of my own personal rules with this tape in hopes of creating at a higher level. So enjoy the newness of this mix. I enjoyed the process more this time around.  Hopefully you guys can peep a difference. If not, then fuck it.  I love you regardless. Thank you for listening.