Huncho Jack Jack Huncho Chopped & Screwed

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Welcome to my first chop of 2018.  This is a tape that I personally enjoyed a lot.   I’m enjoying this new wave of artists coming together to create a tape for the sport of collaboration and new sounds existing.  I typically enjoy this one a lot simply because these are two of my favorite mainstream artists at the moment. It’s only right to support/chop anything that the Houstonian, Travis Scott, puts out.  Sonically, I love how upbeat and hard the tracks are. Both artists are really melodic dudes at the end of the day that we get to enjoy. If you’re into very technical and detailed lyricism, I can see why you wouldn’t really be into this tape. There was actually a little bit of backlash from this tape dropping by people for reasons I couldn’t really comprehend. I took a step back and thought about it only to conclude that maybe it’s that along with the tape being real brief as a reason to why you wouldn’t necessarily love it entirely.  I think the tape served the purpose of giving you something new to enjoy while not giving you too much.  Which is cool.  Doing collab projects can be time consuming which is something I’m sure both artists had to take into consideration when making it.  When you’re two of the most highly seeked artists in the game, it’s hard to create with each other.  So I appreciate it for what it is and what a “Huncho Jack 2” could potentially be in the future.  Hopefully these chops will extend the tape enough to really help elongate the experience of this unity. If not then well…hell…I tried. Either way, Huncho Jack Jack Huncho Chopped & Screwed is here to pop off the 1-8. Enjoy!