Houston Trend Tape


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I’ve been on a recent binge of getting mixtapes done because I have a lot of projects in mind…but this one was actually the first one (in a long time) to be brought to me.  The homie Jay-Von from the LuvItMane Live tape approached me about an idea concerning us working with the Houston Trend Magazine.  This is a local magazine company out here in the H that covers a majority of things going on locally within our city.  I was appreciative of the outreach because this allows for more people to get back hip to the screw culture and hear a more modernized rendition of it.  Jay-Von and I tried to stay true to the nature of the tapes and keep it sounding how any other tape would sound with both of us on it.  This is another tape with nothing but different Houston artists all over it. I love the fact that no matter how far in the future we get with music, there will still be a unique sound that comes from Houston artists that will correlate with the screw sound no matter what genre these artists might specialize in. I just think that’s just how true we all are to the city at the end of the day.  You can’t help but be a Houstonian if you are from this city.  It’s something embedded in you that you can’t resist.  So I want you guys to really sit with the Houston Trend Tape and take in the music of our city.