Hours Spent Loving You Chopped & Screwed

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I had to do this one for the culture mane. For any of my soundcloud heads, if you’re really into that hoe you know about Sango and Xavier Omär. First off, Sango is one of the coldest producers I’ve heard in my life.  I can appreciate that he uses his talents to represent his Brazilian culture as well. The dude is just nice.  I’ve always would catch myself jamming some shit off of SC and I would see “SPZRKT” across that hoe and be like “damn he got some tracks!”  My homegirl actually knows Xavier on a personal level.  I was jamming Xavier Omar’s “Do Not Disturb” in the whip when she told me they were both the same nigga (SPZRKT & Xavier Omar). I was mindblown but thoroughly intrigued after that.


Months later and one of the homies from Dinner Land requested that I do this tape and what’s funny is that I’ve never downloaded this beforehand. I did, however, have a bunch of tracks from off this hoe though. So it was real simple for me to do seeing that I’ve heard most of the songs already.  I’m really glad they came together to do this EP because it’s a beautiful one. If you don’t know about them, get hip please! Right now. The chops are sexy as hell and make Xavier’s voice sound like a BAWSE!  I love chopping genuine vocals because it sounds so pure every time.  Like butter.  So enjoy this please. I’m probably gonna do Xavier’s other tape too when I can get my hands on it.  Also, just look forward to me chopping shit and posting it in the same day just because.  I got a method to this madness now. Mwahahaha!