HNDRXX Chopped & Screwed

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I will have to say…this is my most favorite Future project as a whole.  When it comes to the sonically cohesive project and an artist being vulnerable and expressive…this is as good as it gets from Future. For the first time, we get an entire TRAPSOUL Future on an album and it came out wonderfully.  The “Suit” edition of his 2-part album release (with FUTURE being “Sweat”) is more melodic and the singing part of Future that we’ve got snippets of over time. I really rock with how honest and available Future chooses to be with this album. It was a lot more relatable than the extremely rich and trapped out Future that I can’t identify with internally.  When it first released, I couldn’t stop jamming it. I was drawn to it a lot more than the FUTURE release.  Overall, I am satisfied with the two album releases that Future dropped. I’m sure this is just the beginning for him in 2017.  Starting off the year strong like this is something to keep fans ready for more. The chops for this are amazing.  As a huge fan of chopped & screwed, I get anxious to chop particular tapes. This was one of them. While my website was down, this was the first tape I geeked out to chop and open the doors for the other tapes to get chopped as well. It’s just a really good album.  HNDRXX Chopped & Screwed might go down as one of my best chops of the year. I always say this in my head until something new comes out though.  We’ll see. Until then, enjoy!