HM Fall ’16 Freak Nasty Mix


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So check this out. It’s Alpha Week at UH and so the Alphas came to me with this idea to promote their party they have this weekend. So pretty much we’re gonna give you ROUNDS every night until the party comes. Tonight will be the 1st round of course to pop things off. Get you in the mood. Help you understand what’s going on. As we move through the week, we’re gonna keep dropping mixes until the night of the party. So you’ll get your one tonight. Then tomorrow another one. Then another one. Then another one (if I’m not tired by then). So catch your first round tonight and enjoy it thoroughly. Each mix will be around 40 minutes and I know if you’re using all of it, you’re lying. So don’t play like you can really go longer than this tape. Foreplay don’t count either, nigga. Look…I peep game. You can’t fool ol’ AudiTory. Anyway, stay tuned for more tapes and swing by this party if you’re young enough.