H.E.R. Volume 1 Chopped & Screwed


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One thing I typically enjoy in life is a little mystery. What is the fun in something you can figure out and understand instantly? In recent happenings, a lot of my lady listeners have been suggesting this unidentified woman to me as a means of chopping her tape. I listened to it and I thoroughly enjoyed this anonymous music.  It’s very emotional and slow paced which is perfect for chops.  I tried to do research to figure out who the culprit is but I can not put my finger on it.  I enjoy that though.  The fact that there’s more anticipation to figuring out who it is that is this artist is a beautiful way of introducing yourself to the world.  Just let the music do it’s thing.  One thing I do want to mention, however, is that she looks mighty thick on this silhouette. The big hair is also something that makes her look very baeworthy.  I hope it’s not a catfish though. That would be unfortunate. Regardless, I would like all of you to enjoy these chops. I’ll be keep a good look out for the future volumes and I’ll be sure to add them to the site when they drop.  If you happen to find them before me, please let me know.  I’m thoroughly intrigued by this artist.