Gospel Chops: The Chopped & Screwed Gospel Tape

Gospel Chops

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Happy Superbowl/Communion Sunday! I figured this would be an appropriate time to drop my first ever gospel mixtape in life! I think there’s a certain satanic  innuendo that’s associated with the chopped & screwed sound that I pretty much want to dismantle in the name of music.  You’d ideally wouldn’t think that it was something that would be able to be enjoyed nor would you think it was possible seeing that you don’t hear a lot of it.  Well AudiTory is here to give you Gospel Chops. I grew up in a family that is heavily influenced by Christianity of the baptist/missionary baptist influence so a lot of this music is nostalgic to me.  Many might even find me to be crooked for even trying to do this but oh well. I think it’s another way to enjoy gospel music and could be revolutionary in a sense.  I just hope you guys will enjoy it just as much as you would any other chops I do.  So open your mind and see if you’d like Gospel Chops as much as you didn’t know you would.  I’m sure you will. I definitely enjoyed making this tape.  This is one of those tapes you can have blasting on your way into church and not get judged for it due to the content.  Brilliant, right?  So enjoy your Sunday and every Sunday from here on out with Gospel Chops. Go Panthers!