Gelato Chopped & Screwed

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The King of Memphis has been chopped & screwed. I’ve never really been a big Young Dolph fan if I can be honest.  He has a couple singles that are hot and I jam those but never a whole piece of work by him.  That was until  I heard this tape.  This hoe just goes hard. It’s not a musical masterpiece. It’s not one of the best sonically appealing albums I’ve heard in 2017 so far. What it IS though is the HARDEST tape I’ve heard this year.  The nigganess of this tape fulfills me in a place that only a few people could understand. It’s all shit talking and hard beats.  Once again, not something for everybody but something for ME and my inner coon to enjoy.  He’s actually a pretty funny dude.  I was just minding my business one day when “Play Wit Yo Bitch” dropped and boys went in on Yo Gotti over the Memphis throne.  If we want to talk diss records in the 2010’s, this is in the top 3. That’s kind of odd considering now that diss records have more of a jam appeal than they do “bars” (outside of that Shether diss).  Nonetheless, if you enjoy going to your 9-5 feeling like a trap star and like you wanna do a drive-by on a co-worker, I would suggest you jam this tape.  Hard beats. Shit talking. Turntness. All the way through.  Only downside of this tape was the underwhelming Wiz Khalifa feature. Sigh. So ignore that part and enjoy Gelato Chopped & Screwed by yours truly. IT’S DOLPH!