FUTURE Chopped & Screwed

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So I know I was supposed to drop this at 3pm. I know this. I just got a little too lifted and slipped up. Plus, I just got the greatest news in the world that Brock Osweiler got traded to the Browns and the news was overwhelming. I’ve come down a little bit now and I present to you Future’s Future Chopped & Screwed. This album would definitely be Future’s “Sweat” version of the duo album releases (with HNDRXX being the “Suit”).  I really enjoyed the production of this album a lot. He lowkey had a flop year in music releases in 2016 after having an immensely successful 2015 with the mixtape drops.  Maybe Future is only good in the odd number years? Who knows but I am happy to have this new collection of music.  A lot of niggas was hating on this tape just to hate but there’s really nothing wrong with it. Plenty jammers on here and the beats go harder chopped & screwed. I hate when people just hate without valid reason. Whatever though. Enjoy the chops and thank you for jamming me during this #Audi5for5.