Freudian Chopped & Screwed

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So we’re still flooded out in Houston and I really don’t have much of anything to do.  I was going to wait to chop this since I’ve been on a little hiatus from chopping things but I figured this would be the best time to try and be productive.  It’s hard to sleep right now when you’re paranoid about what’s gonna happen next with all this water in the city and more to come. Hopefully, this tape can help create a little peace of mind or calm the storms within for my Houstonians out here who are stuck with me.

This is by far one of the most beautiful and heartfelt albums I’ve heard in a minute.  It is rare that we get to experience the high emotions of a man in love in music in our era.  Everyone is so sexually explicit and emotionally unavailable. I remember saying that I couldn’t wait for a male artist to be emotionally available on wax and we finally got it with Daniel Caesar.  The album is a good old fashioned love album with songs that would make you wish you were deeply in love with someone if you aren’t already.  There are a lot of churchy elements to his music that gives it such a rich and invigorating presence when you listen to it.  Ever since I’ve heard anything by Daniel Caesar, I’ve been nothing but a complete fan of his.  Every song he does is potent and decadent in nature.  I really can appreciate how available he is to express his gratitude and love for a woman he’s in love with.  That type of music is what inspires our culture to dive back into those emotions we so desperately try to avoid.  I hope every dude that jams this album sings each song without hesitation or regret as they explore those intimate emotions that have been censored by society’s impact.  We need the liberation.  Enjoy Freudian Chopped & Screwed.