Free 6lack Chopped & Screwed


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I had started seeing this 6lack with the letter “b” as a “6” popping up everywhere. When you’re on a never-ending hunt for music, certain things tend to recirculate in your perspective without you even really trying to make it happen that way. So naturally, I was curious about this project. I jammed it and I realized that this was a new take on the ATL Sound.  Outside of the typical ATL Rap that you’d ideally think about with 2 chainz, Rae Sremmurd, Future and Migos-styled raps but there is another side of that we tend to skip over. Those kids that grew up on the stylings of the Dungeon Family and Outkast with their own wavy feels. There’s Raury. There’s 6lack. He’s his own groove and I fux with that. He speaks his own truth and wants to remain true to himself. We need more honest artists in mainstream music.  It’s essential to how our culture ends up operating. I know it’s silly to blame music for the way things are but that continuing amount of social acceptance mixed with propaganda will dictate how a community tends to operate.  So if you all about fucking on baby mama’s and chasing money and shit and you embody that music culturally, you’ll operate in that manner. When music is true to the soul, people gravitate towards it like water in a third-world country. I feel like 6lack has the potential to do so with a sound that will work for him.  I’m hoping to see him develop.  He lowkey look like Trinidad James in the hair too. Random I know but whatever. Enjoy the tape. Free 6lack Chopped & Screwed.