Forever My Lady Chopped & Screwed

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In my nostalgic fashion, I’m continuing to find old albums that are worth chops. This one was actually recommended that I do by a homeboy of mine.  I figured why not? Jodeci was one of those male R&B groups that defined a time in music where fighting for your woman’s love and retaining it was THE THING! Boys was out here pouring out their hearts through the longest of runs and emotional melodies that you probably will never hear in music again. After chopping this tape, I never really realized how big that New Jack Swing sound was in the 90’s. I mean I knew but this album is flooded with it.  I wish they would have had more tracks that sounded like Forever My Lady and Come & Talk to Me.  That, to me, would have made this album more of a classic. I’ll take it for what it is though. Enjoy the chops. I don’t have a lot to say about it. Just be ready for more classics to get chopped like Forever My Lady Chopped & Screwed.