Field Trips Forever 10


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It seems as if I’ve been apologizing for things for a while now. This mix was supposed to be dropped back in AUGUST and I’m finally managing to make it happen at the end of September. That’s pretty sad but to my own defense, there was a LOT of music that dropped in August that I tried to keep up with and chop. I’ve been dropping 2-3 mixes a week and it’s like…overkill over here in the LuvItMane Lab. Nonetheless, I bring to you the newest Field Trips Forever.  This one is particular great to me because a lot of the music on here is definitely new and deeply enjoyable.  What’s also a plus is the amount of Houston artists that I managed to add within it that you probably wouldn’t be able to decipher on because our sound compliments today’s music.  Houston artists of today aren’t the typical slab riders and drank sippers that you would ideally think. They are really diverse and unique people who can create at the level of a majority of your favorite artists of today. This just isn’t a music city at all.  I would love to get to a place in life where we can all come together as a collective to really just make the music of our hearts and desires. That culture needs to be revamped in this city. I’m ranting but the vibe for this tape is along the lines of a solid head nod. Something you can funk with and your mama can jam. So enjoy the tunes and stay riding the field trip…forever!