Experience Your Created Thoughts (Part 2)


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I would like to first off think Saundra for her utmost trust and love that she provided me with to create these two mixes.  This was the 1st time I really branched out and tried to do something a little abnormal from my comfort zone.  It was a ameliorating experience for my life.  I’ve always really wanted someone to come to me with a serious idea for a mix that means something to them.  That’s what happened when Saundra reached out.  We chopped it up at a mutual friend’s birthday event and from there our creative elements got to meet to create these beautiful mixes.  It was a real transparent experience I’ve manage to have with someone and it wasn’t as bad as I felt like it would be originally.  I’m finding comfort in who I am as a person and I don’t mind being available and open for people.  I’ve been working on my consciousness and the things I put into my mind and life.  Saundra really helped me sort out these things and put my perspective in a direction worth focusing.  To me, these were more than a mix.

I grew up very introverted as a child so it keeps me from exploring certain aspects of life that I wouldn’t do naturally.  My current journey in life is to try to escape from the subconscious mentalities I’ve created while in this time and really experience life outside of my norm.  I don’t like the place I’ve come to from my thoughts in solitude, therefore breaking my consciousness is a necessity.  What was supposed to be just a joining of creatives ended up becoming an awakening of minds. We really got a chance to explore each other in ideas and concepts that we both could speak on with insight and imagination and really be who we are as people. I believe those experiences are necessary in order for you to become who you are.  There we’ve entitled these mixes “Thoughts Create Your Experiences” and “Experience Your Created Thoughts”. Hope you enjoy.