Endless Chopped & Screwed


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After the years of fans crying and whining, Frank Ocean finally hits the world over the head with not one but TWO albums to listen to.  I can say that I was quite surprised to find out that he dropped two projects but not at all in the same sense.  The first project he dropped was this Endless one. It was weird because I seen it on Apple Music as just one long ass video of what it seemed to be like a factory of Frank Ocean’s spending 45 minutes to create this spiral staircase to nothing.  The music was jamming though.  I didn’t know if the songs were complete ideas or not but I mean I guess that’s pretty unique.  It all sounds like an accumulation of sounds that appeared naturally.  It sounds composed like a orchestral piece with different movements.  I like the idea of artists getting away from structured song patterns and just creating whatever.  Anything unorthodox can be appreciated.  I am almost more of a fan of this one compared to Blond (based off the beats), but my mind changes as I listen back and forth to both. It’s quite annoying actually.  Regardless, Endless Chopped & Screwed flows just like the album. I made sure I cut it up just right on every part because I want it resemble how it sounds already.  So just let it run and enjoy your day with it.