The Divine Feminine Chopped & Screwed


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So we’ve stumbled upon a sober Mac Miller and man, I must say…dude has been hiding a level of talent I didn’t think he had behind all those narcotics. I’ve always respected Mac Miller’s flow but rarely does his musicianship translate into his albums in a way that’s highly impressive. Not until he dropped The Divine Feminine. This was the first album where I felt like the song concepts were clear and orchestral. I love the instrumentation being used throughout the album as well as the very transparent love affair that Mac pretty much puts out there. Some people probably love druggy Mac but I’ve never been able to get into it.  I like sober Mac a lot more. I even peeped a Soulection interview he had and it was pretty insightful.  I didn’t know he knew how to play multiple instruments.  All in all, enjoy The Divine Feminine Chopped & Screwed in it’s entirety and I’m sure you won’t regret the listen…because I don’t regret the effort it took to make this hoe.