Culture Chopped & Screwed

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Don’t you love it when a tape makes his own hype purely from having hot ass singles that lead up to the release of the album? Culture is definitely that album.  I’m not too sure who is all hip to the Migos but if you are into any type of hip-hop, you should know about them. They really are the reason so many rap niggas are rapping in triplet patterns. From “Versace” to “Hanna Montana” to “Freak No More” to “Handsome & Wealthy”, boys got hits for years. They really could do go down as one of the best rap groups in the 21st century. That’s how epic this group has the potential to be.  I’m just glad they have an album that gives them that credibility to go down in history as somebodies.  This album is loaded with hits. Every song can stand alone as a single and those are the types of albums that go down at the GOATs. What’s unique about this drop is that it’s the biggest thing out of Atlanta during the Superbowl in Houston in which the Falcons are playing. So this seems kinda like fate to create this gem.  Enjoy Culture Chopped & Screwed as the culture of Houston blends with Atlanta trap culture to make one dope ass sound to enjoy.