Ctrl Chopped & Screwed

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The Album we all thought was going to be “A” is finally here and maaaan was the wait worth it.  TDE’s queen dropped a HEATWAVE of an album on us that came right when hoe season picked up. This is a very compelling and vulnerable album that is appreciated on more than one level. Although SZA isn’t a singer with an optimal range, the purity and power of her voice bless every track. My favorite thing about SZA is her ability to RIDE A SONG! Her melodies are beautiful executed and it just shows on every track.  Now I know a lot of people are being very judgmental towards SZA coming off very promiscuous with her salutatory ballad of the side chick position on “Weekend” or her immediate confession of getting back on that ass in her introductory song, “Supermodel”, but he who is without sin, cast the first stone.  Yeah…women do shit that isn’t condoned by society’s standard. So? Yeah, women fuck dudes for fun. So? Niggas been doing it to women. Why trip? Why is there a higher standard for women to uphold sexually while men can frivolously throw their dicks wherever they choose?  In the honest world, nobody is abiding by this unwritten rule.  Women out here riding faces and taking names quietly. It’s the nature of sex. Like…relax. If this album doesn’t do anything, it should AT LEAST help you identify how amazing a woman can be outside of her tendencies and lack of superficial qualities. We tend to overlook what a woman has if she doesn’t fit a particular criteria. All of us. I find myself doing this as well even though I know I’m not entirely qualified to be all of what someone wants.  It’s kinda weak if you think about it because we’re probably missing out on experiences worthwhile due to some physical attributes we can’t seem to find. I’ve been making more of an effort to explore the spiritual and emotional nature of women in order to find a true attraction that supersedes my physical.  I challenge everybody to do so.  SZA kinda opened my mind more to the concept of not wanting a “Normal Girl” that’s so conceptualized to want to have.  Normality isn’t as fun as it’s perceived to be. Nonetheless, Ctrl Chopped & Screwed is hella groovy and strong. Fall in love, please and spread it.